Sedation DentistryOur objective at Clubhouse Pediatric Dentistry is to give the most outstanding quality dental care possible. We also know that some youngsters experience anxiety when they see the dentist. For kids, going to the dentist can be a frightening experience. Anxiety could result from previous dental experiences, stories from friends or siblings, or even movies or TV shows. Whatever the reason, various factors might contribute to a child’s anxiousness. We offer pediatric sedation dentistry to assure your child’s comfort throughout their appointment.


When Do We Use Sedation Dentistry?

The use of sedation during dental treatment is referred to as sedation dentistry. Sedation dentistry uses sedatives to help patients relax during dental procedures. Sedation is most typically utilized during lengthy operations, for patients with dental phobias, or for children unable to hold still.  Sedation can range from nitrous oxide “laughing gas” to calm a patient to general anesthetics used to put patients to sleep. Sedation may be necessary for patients with dental anxiety, low pain tolerance, severe dental treatment, physical disabilities, special healthcare needs, strong gag reflexes, or other special circumstances.


Pediatric Sedation Options

Here at Clubhouse Pediatric Dentistry, we offer three types of sedation dentistry. We will visit with you and your child to review their dental health needs, medical history, and our available sedation choices before administering any type of sedation.

Nitrous Oxide: Nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas, giggle gas or happy air, is a gas that your child inhales through a mask. It helps to relax patients and can make them feel lightheaded or giddy.

IV Sedation: IV Sedation is a sedative that is administered through an IV. It works quickly and can make patients very relaxed or even unconscious.

General Anesthesia:  General anesthesia is performed only in the hospital or a certified surgical center under the supervision of a CRNA or anesthesiologist.  Your child will be completely unconscious for this type of sedation.  It is considered an out-patient procedure which means you will be able to go home after the procedure.  

The type of sedation used will depend on the procedure being performed and your child’s level of anxiety. Sedation dentistry can help patients feel more relaxed and comfortable during dental procedures.


Sedation Dentistry at Clubhouse Pediatric Dentistry


IV Sedation:  We have a certified nurse anesthetist and a registered nurse that administer sedatives and monitor vitals throughout the procedure so your kiddo can sleep through the entire appointment. 


Benefits of Sedation Dentistry

There are several benefits of sedation dentistry:

  1. It helps to reduce anxiety and stress for patients who experience dental fear or anxiety.
  2. It allows patients to receive complex dental procedures in one appointment, saving time and money.
  3. Sedation dentistry can help improve the quality of dental work by preventing patients from moving around during the procedure.
  4. It can help reduce pain and discomfort during dental procedures.
  5. Some types of sedation dentistry, such as IV sedation, can help to create a more relaxed experience for young children. 


Commonly Asked Questions Regarding Sedation

Is sedation safe for my child?

Absolutely. Sedation dentistry is a safe and efficient method of reducing jitters or anxiety in children before dental treatment. Nitrous oxide is administered via a mask, which we closely monitor throughout the appointment. The effects of this “happy air,” as we like to call it, wear off quickly.

Absolutely! Sedation dentistry in all its forms is performed with safety foremost.  Your child will be monitored by professionals in every situation to ensure…


Is sedation an option for my child?

Yes, sedation dentistry may be a good option for ensuring the most pain-free treatment if your child is in good health and becomes frightened at the notion of going to the dentist or readily develops emotions of anxiety. Our skilled team can relieve your child’s ‘butterflies in the stomach’ and anxiety concerns some youngsters face before dental procedures by utilizing one of our sedation solutions.


Pediatric Sedation Dentistry

We are dedicated to our relationship with parents and their children. We understand that this may be a new experience for you and your child, so we prioritize their comfort and your peace of mind. Our goal is for your child to leave with a big, bright smile!

Finding a pediatric sedation dentist in Idaho Falls, ID, Rexburg, ID, and Jackson, WY, is challenging. Sedation dentistry for children may be ideal if you want your child to be relaxed during their dental treatment. Don’t hesitate to contact us right away to schedule an appointment!