Making Dental Visits Fun with Our Kid-Friendly Dentist

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Going to the dentist can be an anxiety-inducing experience for kids. It’s the reason parents dread taking their kids to the dentist and why children often throw tantrums at the thought of an upcoming appointment. However, did you know that a kid-friendly dentist in Rexburg, Idaho Falls, and Jackson can make all the difference in your child’s dental experience? 

At Clubhouse Pediatric Dentistry, we know how to make kids feel comfortable and welcome. Our dental offices are fun, inviting spaces designed to make children feel at ease. Kid-friendly dentists are the best option for your child’s dental visits!


A kid-friendly dental environment can significantly affect how your child perceives their dental visit. We have created a fun, safe, and comfortable atmosphere that kids love. Toys, books, and other activities are available in the waiting area, and our treatment rooms include decorations, TV screens, and music to help kids feel at ease.


Children often have fears and concerns about dental visits, so it is essential to communicate with them effectively. As a kid-friendly dentist, Dr. Jackson will explain dental procedures in a way that children can understand while reassuring them that there is nothing to be afraid of. 

Our entire staff has extensive experience communicating with children of all ages. We explain dental procedures using age-appropriate language and visuals so kids know what to expect during their visit.


Dr. Jackson educates children and parents about oral health as a kid-friendly dentist. We teach kids about proper brushing and flossing techniques, healthy eating habits, and other essential oral health topics. We also offer dental education resources, including videos and printouts, to help parents continue the conversation at home.

Positive Dental Experience: 

Ultimately, our kid-friendly dentist helps make dental visits a positive experience for children. By creating a welcoming and comforting environment, educating children and parents, and providing pediatric-specific dental services, we aim to make dental visits less daunting for kids. A positive dental experience at a young age can help children develop healthy oral hygiene habits, and they look forward to future dental visits.

Pediatric-Specific Services: 

Dr. Jackson is a board-certified pediatric dentist, and our friendly staff is committed to providing children with the highest quality dental care. We offer pediatric-specific dental services in Rexburg, ID, Idaho Falls, ID, and Jackson Hole, WY.

Dental Cleanings

Going to the dentist can be a scary experience for kids, but with our kid-friendly dentist and proper dental cleanings in Rexburg, Idaho Falls, and Jackson, it can become a positive part of their routine. Dental cleanings are essential to oral hygiene as they remove surface stains and help prevent cavities and gum disease. We can help make dental cleanings an enjoyable and comfortable experience. We use fun techniques and tools to distract and engage children, making sure they leave feeling happy and excited about their next visit. Regular dental cleanings will brighten your child’s smile for years.

Fluoride Treatments

One thing that may come up during a visit is fluoride treatment options. Fluoride is an essential mineral that can help strengthen teeth and prevent cavities, especially in children who may not have the most thorough dental hygiene habits. The great thing about fluoride treatments is that they are quick and painless. With our fluoride treatments, children can have healthier and happier smiles for years to come.

Sedation Dentistry

Sedation dentistry is a safe and effective way to help calm anxious children during dental procedures. It can make the experience more comfortable and less scary for both the child and the parent. We understand the unique needs of children and provide the best possible care in a gentle and caring manner. So, if you’re looking for a way to help your child feel more at ease during their next dental appointment, ask us about sedation dentistry.

Kid-Friendly Dentist in Rexburg, Idaho Falls, and Jackson

Please schedule an appointment to meet Dr. Jackson, our kid-friendly dentist at Clubhouse Pediatric Dentistry. Our caring, experienced team is dedicated to providing the best possible dental care for children. By creating a welcoming atmosphere, communicating effectively, educating children and parents, and offering pediatric-specific services, we aim to make dental visits enjoyable for kids. Contact us today to schedule an appointment. Your child’s happy and healthy smile starts here!