Preparing Your Child for a Visit to the Dentist

Are you looking for an experienced dental provider to care for your child’s teeth, mouth, and gums? At Clubhouse Pediatric Dentistry, we provide excellent dental health care tailored to children. Our professional and knowledgeable staff understands kids’ needs and can provide gentle techniques that prevent discomfort while ensuring a healthy smile. We also feature prizes, games, and more to help create a fun and friendly environment. We have three  conveniently located children’s dentistry facilities in Idaho Falls, Idaho, Rexburg, Idaho, and Jackson, Wyoming. 

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Tips for a Successful Children’s Dentistry Visit

At Clubhouse Pediatric Dentistry, we understand that dental visits can be stressful for children and their parents. Here are some tips to help prepare your child for a successful visit with us.

Explain What Will Happen

At the first dental appointment for children, Dr. Jackson and our team will look at your little one’s teeth to ensure that everything is progressing as it should. We will take the time to explain what will happen during the appointment and why it is crucial. We will also review good oral hygiene habits and answer any questions or concerns you might have about your child’s teeth. 

Using positive language and focusing on a visit’s fun elements, like getting to sit in our special chairs so we can help kids fight the cavity monsters, helps put children at ease! If your child is anxious, let them know they are in good hands and in a safe place to ask any questions. Your child will come away from their first appointment with a smile, knowing they took their first step towards taking care of their oral health!

Bring Comfort Items

We want each patient to feel at ease when visiting our office! We encourage parents to bring items from home that provide comfort, such as a favorite toy, blanket, or pillow. It can also be helpful to bring headphones if your child wants to listen to music.  Or your child may use our headphones to watch a movie of their choice during their exam!

Praise & Rewards

Rewarding your child for good behavior during an appointment is always a great idea! Let your little ones know how proud you are of them for being brave and sitting still while we work away at cleaning their teeth. Every child receives a coin at the end of their visit to, select an item from our prize machine!

Competent Children’s Dentistry in Rexburg, Idaho

Our state-of-the-art dental facilities are designed to keep kids comfortable, provide exceptional treatment and preventative care, and promote a lifetime of good oral health. Our team includes highly-trained assistants, and a Board-Certified Pediatric Dentist committed to ensuring your child’s teeth stay healthy and strong. We also offer treatments such as sealants, fluoride varnish applications, dental fillings, crowns, and much, much more.

Friendly Children’s Dentistry in Jackson, Wyoming

The staff at our children’s dentistry facility in Wyoming is the same as in Idaho. We’ll ensure your child feels comfortable, secure, and at ease during their appointment. We understand that children can feel scared or overwhelmed in a new environment, so our team always takes the time to get to know each child’s needs and preferences. We’ll work with your family to create a plan that ensures your child’s teeth are healthy and strong for years to come.

Fun Children’s Dentistry in Idaho Falls, Idaho

Our Idaho Falls location serves the community with the same staff with all the experience you expect from professionals. No matter which location you visit, you and your children will be treated gently and respectfully. Children’s dentistry at all of our dental facilities can even be fun! Contact us today to schedule an appointment so you and your child can see our smiling faces and so we can help your child’s smile shine with bright, healthy teeth!

Quality Children’s Dentistry Near You

At Clubhouse Pediatric Dentistry, we strive to make each visit as pleasant as possible for both children and their parents. Taking the time ahead of an appointment to discuss what will happen and bringing comfort items can help reduce anxiety associated with dental visits. We also recommend praising or rewarding good behavior during an appointment when appropriate – this is always appreciated by our youngest patients! The more prepared you are before a visit, the more successful it will be!